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Early Start Links

Early Start Background

Although we no longer offer Early Start services, we care deeply about children and families with needs for early intervention and we do provide behavioral health support for Early Start families. For your Speech & Language needs, we refer to Christina Galeano, SLP and her team and KidspeakOC.  

Early Start services are provided through the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act, Part C (IDEA) as amended and through the California Early Intervention Services Act. Services are available for children determined to be at risk for developmental delay from birth to 36 months. Early Start services consider five developmental domains including:  (1) cognition; (2) physical and motor development including vision and hearing; (3) communication; (4) social emotional development; and (5) adaptive self-care. Early Start generally considers family needs to the extent they support the child’s development.

The child’s developmental needs are typically addressed within an early intervention services program using a pediatric interdisciplinary team.  Quality programs have interdisciplinary team members with a combination of experience and education necessary to serve clients within legal and ethical standards of care.

The links below may be helpful to caregivers seeking support for their child. The child’s pediatrician or other medical doctor can also be an important ally in qualifying your child for services.

Laws & Funding


Eligibility Information-Nearby Regional Centers