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Research shows that children with secure attachment have better outcomes in life and we want to do all we can to promote the connection you have with your child.  Theraplay® is a therapist-led play therapy method that offers children and their caregivers the opportunity to attune with each other and find joy in relationship.

At the heart of Theraplay® is the idea of “co-regulation” which is that thing that happens when one person gets excited, or maybe feels blue and somehow other family members seem to “catch it” and start feeling that way too.  Attachment theory and modern neuroscience both support the need we all have for safe and secure relationships to learn, manage feelings and make good choices.

In child-caregiver interactions the child needs the adult to offer structure, nurture, engagement, and challenge in ways that are developmentally appropriate so the child can learn to trust the caregiver and also manage their own emotional responses. When a child isn’t feeling it, often there are behavioral and emotional issues that make the caregiver-child relationships…well…complicated and difficult.  We know that this is not an easy process, but we also know the joy of a heartfelt connection between child and caregiver.  In Theraplay® we use some simple activities to meet the child’s needs for structure (and predictabily), nurture, engagement, and challenge to build the connection between you and your child.  Theraplay® is a play therapy method that the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare recognizes as promising based on outcomes published in professional journals.

Our mental health providers have been trained and are receiving professional supervision to ensure the best possible experiences and outcomes for you and your child.  Give us a call today!