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Social Emotional Support

A child’s social emotional development is the foundation for expressing and managing emotions and for developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships. Social emotional development also plays an important role in how a person cares for self.  The caregiver/parent-child relationship and the child’s earliest nurturing experiences can help or hinder development.  For example, early attachment ruptures, traumatic events, developmental deficits, loose or rigid boundaries in caregiving, and poorly responsive caregiving can negatively impact a child’s social emotional development.  Some of these things can happen with committed parents who have the best intentions.  If your child is struggling, we are here to help–and we know from experience that getting help sooner rather than later can make a huge difference.

Center for Restored & Connected Families is committed to supporting children and adolescents who are struggling with how the connect with self and others. We have the means to measure social development in all ages, and will develop a treatment plan that is individualized and designed to produce the outcomes hoped for by the child and family.

We will not lead you down a path that suggests that there is a simple solution to problems that are complex, and we will not suggest that there is only one solution. Instead we will notice the strengths that you and your child have and work towards incorporating those strengths in our work with the child. Social-emotional development is foundational for all future relationships, so it is imperative that we identify growth areas sooner rather than later. Let us help. Your child’s future, and ours depends on it!